Middle School Overview
As a technology school, The Academy Charter High School will be incorporating an enhanced S.T.E.A.M. At a time when underserved school districts struggle to provide the means for tomorrow’s generation, The Academy Charter Middle School provides the option where its scholars have the opportunity to receive a cutting-edge ‘A’ class education which will afford them the grit to compete in tomorrow’s world. As one travels through the corridors of the Middle School, vibrant reminders of the tenets of our mission are evident; our scholars are LEARNING through the rigors of our curriculum, which includes Stem and our Accelerated Regents programs in Math, Humanities and Science. We are LEADING the pack in our Athletics and Debate Teams, establishing a spirit of competition and commitment to leadership. The die has been cast for our scholars who will continue the tradition of SERVING now and well in the future; an abiding sense of community is imbued in our Service Learning Project initiatives and a sense of civic responsibility instilled in our community of learners as they represent their constituents in formal Student Council proceedings.

Accelerated Regents Programs
Here at the Academy, we pride ourselves in identifying and enhancing the aptitude of the academically astute; in this regard, we provide early morning classes that prepare top performing 8th graders for the Algebra 1 Regents Course. Students are selected based on their performance on the previous year’s math exam. The goal of this program is to add rigor to our course offerings and put students on a track to take advance placement courses in High School. Students who are chosen for this course are required to take the Math Regents exam as well as their 8th grade math class. In providing students the opportunity to take and pass two regents examinations before entering High School, we are proud to offer top performing 8th Graders, Living Environment as another Regents Course each school year. In similar manner as Algebra 1, students are selected based on their performance on the previous year’s exams.

STEM Program
The Academy Charter Middle School practices a STEM based curriculum, which is a project based learning approach. Through this program, students are exposed to activities that facilitate the development of scientific skills, critical thinking, collaboration, complex problem solving and digital literacy. To complement the STEM program, the school uses the Goldenrod RoboArm Program: a real world, high-tech robotic arm that students program to enhance comprehension in math and science concepts.

Debate Team
The Academy Charter School Middle School Debate Team is designed to challenge our scholars in honing the craft and rigor of analyzing, evaluating, and delivering arguments. The debate curriculum fulfills the specific academic and socio-emotional needs of our young scholars by providing dynamic learning experiences, scaffolded towards essential questions involving effective argumentation and the understanding of multiple perspectives that are directly linked to and support the New York State reading, speaking and listening standards. Partnering with us to ensure world-class debate experiences is the American Debate League. To date, our newly organized debate team won their competition in January 2019, landing in 1st place for the Sweepstakes Award in the Beginner Division at American Debate League’s Winter Classics, yet our ambitious debaters have only begun to break ground in the debate arena.

Study Abroad
Our Study Abroad Program embodies the commitment made to challenge our scholars to explore connections across subjects – inviting them to seek deeper meaning and urging them towards developing a broader perspective through experiential learning. The launch of the Study Abroad initiative underscores both the value of learning through experience and the necessity to offer our scholars an entry point to experience a global perspective first hand. Opportunities await……

Athletic Program
At the Academy, our interscholastic athletic program is geared to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship. In this regard, we strive to develop the whole student through athletic participation. While winning is not an end in itself, we believe that our scholar-athletes’ efforts to be their best will lead them to succeed. Hence, the central goal of the athletic program is to foster specific characteristics and qualities to produce a well-rounded scholar athlete.