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2019 - How We Continued
This facility is state of the art with all space and equipment to create a strong instructional program and extra curriculum activities. This includes technology performing arts and athletics. Students will be prepared for both college and career ready; while developing their talents and becoming lifelong learners
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2009 - How We Started
Elementary school opened with grades K-2 at 94 Fulton. When the school was opened in September 2009, the location was at a leased space located at 94 Fulton Ave. The space at the time housed grades K-3. As we embarked on the construction project for the high school.
Savage Kingdom
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2011 - How We Grew
As part of the first expansion plan and commitment to invest in the infrastructure of the community, we acquired a piece of land and an existing 34,540 square foot two-story building located at 117 North Franklin Street, Hempstead, NY which became the official site of The Academy elementary school
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2013 - How We Elevated
In 2013, we embarked upon our second expansion plan, which included the acquisition of an approximately 1.13 acre parcel of land which included a 39,004 square foot four story building at 159 North Franklin Street. This site now serves as the middle school location which hosts grades 5-8 with a total of 324 students.
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2016 - How We Excelled
The 9th grade of the high school was housed on the 4th floor of the middle school. In September of 2017, the 9th and 10th grades were housed on the 3rd and 4th floors of the middle school facility.
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2018 - How We Expanded
On December 12, 2017, Bishop Barrington Goldson & The Board of Trustees of the Academy Charter School were notified that the Charter School Institute approved its application to operate a new charter school in Uniondale, NY. The school will begin educating new scholars in grades K-2 in September 2018.

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