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If you have any issues or need support with their school issued device, click the button below to submit a ticket to our IT help desk. Once received we will get in touch with you and try to solve your problem.

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The Academy Charter School is committee to making every effort to equip all staff, parents and students with the necessary information and guidance on our devices and platforms
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Do all scholars need an Academy issued device for distance learning or can we use our own?
Scholars are expected to use an Academy issued device for learning as they will have the individual set up with the proper access to systems and applications needed.

Can scholars bring their own devices to use at school?
No scholars are not permitted to bring personal device to the school as they are not connected to the schools’ network and will not be supported by our IT department.

Are parents responsible for devices damaged/lost/stolen during the academic year?
Parents will sign an electronic agreement form provided by The Academy Charter School (TACS) which outlines the responsibility for the devices. If you have more than one child enrolled, you will need to fill out an agreement for each.

What happens if a device is not working or damaged?
Scholars and parents can request technical support for their Academy issued device by submitting a ticket to the tech support help desk.

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