In the Spotlight: Back to School

The Academy Charter School in the spotlight

The teams across the network have showed incredible effort and dedication. The energy, enthusiasm, and hard work displayed by each member of the Academy family have set a positive tone for the start of the school year.  

We shine a spotlight on a few of our academic leaders and their teams. Their extraordinary leadership and teamwork were evident throughout the first day. Their hard work not only set a positive example for their colleagues but also made a significant impact on the success of the first day.

Dr. Hunt – Principal, Lower Elementary School – Hempstead
Utilized an imaginative and caring approach in making our K-2 scholars feel comfortable and excited to come to school on the first day. Having staff members dressed up as characters was
a brilliant idea that fostered a welcoming and fun atmosphere.

Ms. Bradley Williams – Principal, Middle School – Hempstead

Exhibited dedication and commitment to maintaining scholar uniform conformity on the first day of school. Her attention to detail and insistence on uniform standards not only sets a positive tone but also promotes a sense of unity amongst our scholars.

Ms. Douglas – Principal, Middle School – Uniondale
Displayed attentiveness despite the demands of the busy day and made it a priority to address parent inquiries and concerns promptly and effectively. This level of responsiveness and commitment to open communication truly reflects the caring and professional leadership we have at our school.


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