Igniting Curiosity in the Capital

The Academy Charter School Igniting Curiosity in the Capital

Throughout their time in Washington, DC, the scholars had the opportunity to visit numerous historical and educational sites, including touring the Capitol, Mary McCloud Bethune’s home, Howard University, the Martin Luther King Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial, among others. These visits provided the students with a firsthand understanding of the significance of these landmarks in shaping our nation’s history and the contributions of influential individuals.
The scholars were engaged and eager to learn during the entire trip. They actively participated in guided tours, asked insightful questions, and absorbed the knowledge shared by our tour guides and educators.
The trip to Washington, DC aligned perfectly with our mission of ensuring scholars who will learn today, lead tomorrow, and serve in the future. By exposing our students to the rich history and cultural heritage of our nation’s capital, we have provided them with a broader perspective and opened their eyes to new possibilities.


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